AIRMAMA Hood as part of Virtually Maker Faire – May 23, 2020

Thanks to Maker Faire to Choose AIRMAMA Hood as part of Virtually Maker Faire – May 23, 2020

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Across the world, makers have responded to shortages of medical supplies and equipment with agile designs, adaptive distributed manufacturing, and community organizing. Virtually Maker Faire will be a stage to share the projects and learn from the people behind this extraordinary civic response.

Virtually Maker Faire will take place online through video sessions and an exhibit showcase on Make: Projects.

Virtually Maker Faire On line show!

AIRMAMA Hood in Maker Faire

AIRMAMA hood more detail for against COVID-19

The specifications of the air filter are

Use hepa filter

Activated carbon filter

The filter is rich in silver ions and kills bacteria in the air

Use 6000mAh large-capacity lithium polymer battery. It can be used for 7 hours and 40 minutes after testing. Please use 5V 1A USB charger.

Air volume: strong 8m3 / h weak 5m3 / h

Product weight: 377g

Dimensions: 125mmX75mmX130mm

It is best to use a 5V 1A charger for charging. Do not use a charger that exceeds this specification for charging

Filter: Hepa filter + primary filter + activated carbon filter

There is also a mask inside that can be washed repeatedly

In addition, the nano film of high-tech filter materials produced by Taiwanese manufacturers will be added. This material has been tested and certified by the government. The TTRI PM0.075 μm particle size test of the Taiwan Textile Institute has a 99% filtration effect. Passed CNS15980 and China GB / T 32610 certification. This film can filter substances greater than 0.075um! Pollen 20um, dust 10um, dust 5um, PM2.5 2.5um, oil fume, restaurant oil fume, factory waste smoke, car waste smoke 1um, grinding dust 1um, influenza virus 0.3um , Shimian 0.09um, can be filtered out! If you use it for a long time, as long as you often replace this filter.

this device also have a mask to use

this device is very easy to carry!

How easy to use it!

you can use two device at the same time!

use this device make you have clean air to breath!

this device make me happy!

so cool I like it!

you can use it in MRT!

good! It is a good device to fight against COVID-19 virus!

It have patent!

if you want see more video ?you can see this

hope this device can help people against COVID-19 virus attack!

if you are interested in this hood ? you can go to to discuss with us,hope can make friend with you!


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